Residential Bath Remodel Services in the Twin Cities Metro

Residential Bath Remodel - Twin Cities Metro

Many of us spend an average of an hour per day in the bathroom, either getting ready for work, relaxing in the tub or just taking a break from it all. If your bathroom is cramped, outdated or dirty, time spent there can be frustrating.

At Mission Construction LLC, we help homeowners in the Twin Cities area turn sad, cramped and ugly bathrooms into works of art. We offer a wide range of bath remodelservices, including:

  • Full bath remodels
  • Fixture upgrade and replacement
  • Bath additions
  • Layout and plumbing changes
  • Shower and tub replacement
  • Tiling and walls
  • Master bath additions

Whether you want to spice up your old bathroom with a few small updates, or completely revamp your space, we have the skill and experience to get the job done.

Why Should You Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to remodel an existing bathroom. Often, our clients turn to us for help because their bathrooms are:

Old & Outdated
As your bathroom ages, it can become outdated and inefficient, not to mention dirty and unsanitary. Updating your flooring, plumbing, walls, and fixtures is a great way to turn an old bathroom into a clean, modern and beautiful space.

Small & Cramped:
Many older homes include bathrooms that are small, cramped and without amenities. By reworking your bathroom in its current footprint or adding space through an addition, we can help you maximize square footage, add storage and improve comfort.

Not Functional:
If your bathroom has leaky pipes or broken fixtures, it may be time for a full remodel or partial update. Often, the costs of repairing a bathroom parallel or exceed the costs of a remodel, making it the perfect time to create the bath you’ve always wanted.

Remodeling a plain or boring bathroom is a great way to improve the value, style and comfort of your home. Selecting and installing modern fixtures and appealing tile can quickly turn your old, boring bathroom into an oasis you’ll love.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Your Bath Remodel Project

Mission Construction is focused on helping you get the most value for your investment into your bath remodel project. Our team will help you identify your goals, design your ideal layout and identify the fixtures that fit your style and budget.

Contact us online or call 612-810-3195 to schedule a free estimate for your bathroom remodel project, no matter where you are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

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